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            RW71 series stainless steel back pressure valve
            Characteristic parameters Material Weight
            Maximum pressure: 250 Psig 調節 壓力: 0~25, 0~50, 0~100, Adjust the pressure: 0~25, 0~50, 0~100, 0~250 psig 0~250 psig 安全測試壓力:1.5 倍的最大輸入壓力 Safety test pressure: the maximum input pressure of 1.5 times 適用溫度: -40°F 至+165°F (-40℃至+74℃) Suitable temperature: -40 degrees F degrees F to 165 (-40 DEG C 74) 泄漏率: 2×10-8 atm cc/sec He Leakage rate: 2 * 10-8 ATM cc/sec He Cv 值: 0.08 The value of Cv: 0.08 Mother: 316L, Brass 上 蓋: 316L , Brass Cover: 316L, Brass 膜 片: 316L Film: 316L 閥 座: PCTFE , PTFE, Vespel Valve seat: PCTFE, PTFE, Vespel 彈 簧: 316L Spring: 316L 閥芯頂桿: 316L The valve core bar: 316L

            RW71 series stainless steel back pressure valve, stainless steel diaphragm pressure transmission, accurate pressure control, is used to regulate the upstream pressure, suitable for pure gas

            Body, corrosive gas, standard gas.

            Design features of DESIGN FEATURES is TYPICAL APPLICATIONS

            The mother and the diaphragm with seal form

            The parent thread: 1/4 "NPT (F)

            The panel or wall mounting


            Gas analysis

            Process control

            Petroleum and chemical industry



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