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            JX Needle Valve
            Characteristic parameters Material Weight



            More Product Parameters:

               Design Features:Compact and lightweight;Pressure responsive Viton packing seal arrangement;Positive no slack stem action;Bi-directinal flow ,with preferred flow indicated.



                JX series angle pattern needle valve is designed with the most compact and economical pattern and lightweight and lightweight and low torque for esay operation and rated up to 6000PSI(690Bar)@200F with metal seat.It has a high interity metal to metal body bonnet seal suitable for high pressure use.


            More products description :

               Temperature rating -15¡æ to 170¡æ;Ingress seals fitted as standard;Flexible packing for replacement can be extend field life further;Full material traceability of main components;100% Hydrostatic testing;Back sealing stem to extend packing life;Materials of conruction can be supplied to meet the requirements of NACE MR-01-75 latest revision.



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