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            JC 2 Needle Valve
            Characteristic parameters Material Weight



             More Product Parameters:

            Design Features:Compact and lightweight;Pressure responsive Viton packing seal arrangement;Positive no slack stem action;Packing seal below actuating threads to prevent thrad contamination by the proces medium.Bi-directinal flow ,with preferred flow indicated.



            JC-2 series socket welded globe valve is designed with the most compacteand economical pattern ,with lightweight and low torque for easy operation ,and rated up to 600PSI(414Bar),sellite welded stem tip.It has a high interity metal to metal body bonnet seal suitable for high pressure use.

            More products description :

            Temperature rating up to 570¡æ with metal seat&graphite packing.Ingress seals fittted as standard;Flexible packing for replacement can extend field life further.Full material traceability of main components. 100% Hydrostatic testing;Back sealing stem to extend packing life;Materials of conruction can be supplied to meet the requirements of NACE MR-01-75 latest revision.


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